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My baby is now 11 years old. He has NEVER bitten anyone. He is famous in my little town. He loves to ride in the back of the truck. In Oregon we have gas attendants. One time this man was pumping our gas and Bruce snuck up on him and gave him a big ole lick up the side of this mans face and head….Well that man had a new hairdoo that day. Its was sticking strait up. All the local businesses that I frequent buy treats just for my dog. I trust him with my life and my childrens life. I have 6 birds. 2 of them think that Bruce is their boyfriend and try to hang all over him. He never bats and eye. One of my birds thinks Bruce is the devil incarnate and has attacked my boy more than once. Bruce has never curled a lip at her. I love my dog. Pitt Bull Terriers are the best breed there ever was. Anyone that says different is ignorant and misguided. I would lay down my life to save him as he would do for me. If there is anything I can do to help this cause I will do it.

Please help save this wonderfull breed.



Oregon Humane Society.

My half finished memorial site story about Romeo, my green cheek conure that died last October.


When they packed Romeo in the car and started driving away from the only home she’d ever known, Romeo was not scared. She was very excited because she thought maybe she might be able to get out of her godforsaken cage and fly into the tree’s. The blue eyed man she called gweeee gweeee was very calm and had a big smile. Romeo was in high spirits and was happy as well. It was a long drive but Romeo was on pins and needles. When they arrived at her new home the first person Romeo met was the annoying lady that came and spent the night at her house a few times before. Romeo did not like the soft voiced humans they were too scared of her. This annoying female was not scared at all. She was right in Romeo’s face talking all sickly sweet, It made Romeo nauseous. Suddenly they were going in the house and the first thing Romeo hears are the sounds of other birds. She recognizes the calls and thinks “OH great now I am stuck with these loud mouthed spazzes….this could be fun though!” When they entered the back room Romeo’s heart stopped…She saw the her soul mate sitting in a chair with an aura of strength and power that surrounded him. He turned to her and said with a deep voice “Well who is this?” Quee Quee said “This is Romeo…He is four years old.” Romeo cringed when Quee Quee called her a boy. The beautiful man said “Hi Romeo. I am your daddy. We are your family.” With that he did what only one other person has ever dared do to Romeo. He opened her cage and got her out and held her. To make it even more wonderful he continued to pet and love her with no intention of locking her back up any time soon. to be continued


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Conedog commands thee

Conedog commands thee (Photo credit: sparktography)

Sun Parakeets (also known as Sun Conures) in c...

The is the American Bar Associations site for everything you would need to know about the laws concerning animals.

General Committees: ANIMAL LAW.


This is a closed group and if you would like to join please email the group or let me know.
We relish in our work by a passionate belief that we all are responsible to protect animals. Our goal is to educate the public about the issues that affect animals and therefore inspire the public to take action on these issues whether it’s in their own community, through signing petitions, making calls to proper officials, passing out leaflets in their neighborhoods, joining occupy movements, boycotting and so on. We strongly believe that animals are not property and they are not our slaves. Animals have souls and are capable of feeling the same pain we feel, they belong on this Earth for their own purposes not ours. Anyone who does not feel the same should probably not join this group.

We hope to impact the world by bringing to light the issues about cruelty, exploitation and neglect of our companion and wild animals, what the laws and legislation are, what we, as responsible, humane adults and pet owners, can do to change these issues.“One day the absurdity of the almost universal human belief in the slavery of other animals will be palpable. We shall then have discovered our souls and become worthier of sharing this planet with them”. ~Martin Luther King