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project_camelot_title_transparentWelcome to my blog. Thank-you very much for stopping by. If you have any suggestions or complaints, please feel free to comment. If your not gonna contribute a thing and clam up then screw you. LOL  Just seeing if any one is paying attention.





  1. authorthat says:

    Hello Dux…Tell your other half, your too pretty for the handel. Had a look at your profile. Good to see you can shoot, but what if the target is like one of the supersoldiers following my blog ? Anyway I just got an email that your following my blogathon. Great, it’s just that you won’t get many notices of another article. I layed it out and increase depth with updates as I go, but sometimes it happens. Perhaps you read something from me on a blog, like political Velcraft. If for example, you key in The Blogathon Philabuster instead of, you may get a listing of some of the articles I have commented on in the past. Well, there is a great deal to learn. Feel free to email me anytime.

    • dirtydux says:

      The handel is about the Oregon Ducks collage football team getting into all that trouble a few years back. It used to be “iLovemyDucks” I thought it appropriate to rename after the drama…not only that the Ducks fans are the rowdiest in the world. the stadium is the loudest and can be dangerous. Fights, throwing beer bottles, heckling LOL. Do we are all dirtydux fans here in Oregon USA. Yes I can shoot and if it comes down to it. I am going out in a blaze of glory on my front lawn not in a FEMA concentration camp and not with cancer from eating mindlessly. My dad was in EOD and worked for Raytheon. My brother works for the Dpt. of the Army in DC. Those soldiers are ppl to that just follow orders. All we can do is pray that they have some morals and make the right choice. We do our part by not feeding into the fear or spreading the fear. That is what gives them power. I am not afraid of them or what they might do. The sooner I get off this planet the better.

    • dirtydux says:

      what profile are you talking about that you looked at….I thought I erased all the AR15 pics.

  2. Jan says:

    You have an inspiring and informative blog. I’m glad I came by. Jan

    • dirtydux says:

      Ha Ha so you were paying attention LOL. Thank you very much! I really needed the boost tonight. If you have any other feedback, I would love to hear it. the good and the bad. Have a great weekend. and thanks again.


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