I am literally shaking and on the verge of tears….

Posted: April 24, 2013 in INDEPENDENT NEWS
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I have been researching Geo-Engineering for a year. I noticed something wrong with the sky and the clouds and I typed into Google “strange clouds”. What I discovered from that point was not “fun” or “exciting”. Far from it my friends. I went to the bottom of that rabbit hole one time. The things I have learned have terrified me, filled me with rage and drove me to tears on countless occasions. I was depressed for months. I felt hopeless. My enlightened friends had to work really hard to give me the knowledge I needed to pull myself out of that hole. I did not want this. But now that I know the truth I can’t ever go back. I also feel that I have a responsibility to try to stop this horrible atrocity and genocide. I do it because I have morals and because I believe in what America used to be and what she stood for. I do it protect all of you good people, myself, the good mother earth, my children, my husband, my family, my pets, all animals and plants. I do it in desperation everyday. I do it with hope that I will make a difference. I do it in a hostile environment. I am constantly labeled as crazy, as a fanatic, even as ignorant and stupid. The opposition I face in my very own family has me in tears as I sit and write this. I have not spoken to my brother since Christmas and my sister blows me off on the word of some asshole weatherman she barely knows.
The evidence I have found is undeniable period. I have doc’s from congress, senate, the house of representatives, the UN, public notices, not to mention the code with the laws and statutes for my home state of OREGON. I have been documenting this myself for a year. I have thousands of pictures and video’s. But it does not really matter because I am not the crazy one. I have to say someone who can look at that shit in the skies and not see it for what it really is, is delusional. I am not the ignorant or stupid one. They take the word of whoever with out investigating for themselves. That’s pretty gullible and kinda goes along with the herd mentality. That’s stupid as far as I am concerned.  
What else can I say or do to reach people if I can’t even wake up my own siblings? Am I putting all of this energy into something that is hopeless? Is it too far gone. Have they gotten too powerful and the people too brainwashed. Has the darkness obscured the light. Is good losing out to evil? I don’t know my friends but I will NEVER give up!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER!!! As long as there is a breath in me I will not give up this fight and I don’t give two shits what stands in my way. 
With Love and Gratitude,



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