Top 9 Chem Trail Health Effects – HAARP Congress Counts On

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Atrocities, Geo-Engineering, Health and consumer warnings.
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By Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, PhD
Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, Ph.D.
2009 All rights reserved

This winter of discontent, the New England states have been hit with one after another particularly strange
snowstorms. The previous 2007-08 winter was also similar. The snow smells full of chemicals, as it comes
down uniformly and looks like manufactured snow that is used on ski slopes (i.e., fluffy, packed powder).
Sometimes, the falling snow stops abruptly, and does not trail off, as it used to do. It is definitely not the
same snow that, for millions of years, used to be provided by Mother Nature, in all her magnificence.

Snow is now provided by the US military, the Pentagon, and commercial planes especially equipped to dump on us highly toxic aerosols, from various altitudes. No doubt, these chemical mixtures are created in some secret US bio-weapons laboratory. With enormous egotistical hubris, the Air Force is already on record as saying that they “want to own the weather by 2025.”(1) No longer a Star Trek or Star Wars movie fantasy, some of this is already a reality with the now more than 60 Clandestine Weather Modification programs that assault us daily. Despite this, there is a weather news blackout about Chemtrails. The exception is meteorologist Kevin Martin who reports Chemtrails on his website.

There has been absolutely NO PUBLIC DISCUSSION about Chemtrails! Over the past 10 years, not one public official has replied to the countless concerned citizen phone calls or letters. That’s due to these”programs [being] secret because the Federal EPA and State Environmental Quality Agencies need to ‘not know’ about the by-products of the metabolites of biological, illegal, and [extremely] harmful agents are. It is for that reason the projects [have] been declared secret from citizens. It is all illegal under federal and state law.”(2) Congress is complicit in this cover-up. So, we are the unwitting guinea pigs in a now global military assault of such magnitude that they are massive war crimes. Federal agencies may deliberately want not to know, but, nevertheless, Chemtrails continue to affect us detrimentally.

According to United States Code, Title 50, Chapter 32, Section 1520a, it is illegal “to use a civilian
population for testing of chemical or biological agents.” Will Thomas, who also has been writing about
Chemtrails for a decade, has a Chemtrail Petition to Congress posted on his

This past year, there has been an increase in supposed “unexplained” spontaneous nosebleeds of such
severity (as if a water faucet had been turned on full tilt) that they require emergency hospital care. I know of
several instances where people (both on the East and West coasts) have been rushed to a hospital
because the nose-bleeding would not stop.

This seems to affect elderly as well as the very young.All opathic doctors seem baffled and have no explanation as to why there is this increase.These serious nose bleeds are not happening  just for humans. All mammals are also affected. Several people I know with dogs and cats that have had water-faucet nosebleeds. Last year, I had to rush my own calico cat to the Vet, as her nose would not stop bleeding. The Vet had no explanation.

However, those who read the reliable Chemtrail literature most especially Clifford Carnicom’s outstanding
website [] and Will Thomas’ website []– are aware of the link
between breathing high levels of barium-laced air and what it is detrimentally doing to all of us, including its
dangerous effect on our entire immune system

Environmentally, among other things, Chemtrails are dramatically changing “the salt levels in our soils.”(3) Mr. Carnicom (whom I have had the great pleasure of meeting and discussing this nightmare poisoning) has been one of the outstanding private citizen researchers who has been reporting for more than 10 years about the deadly effects of Chemtrails.

Dr.Gwen Scott, ND, is also reporting some of the disastrous illnesses that now are linked to Chemtrail toxicity. A copyright free and highly informative documentary is available for a nominal fee on his website. This DVD should be required viewing for everyone.

Barium is an earth mineral; and, as numerous researchers have reported, it is known to be toxic to all
mammals. Now, it is used to poison us. It is part of the aerosolized, chemical brew that is in our air, snow,
and rain we breathe. Aerosol release of barium is associated with having less oxygen to breathe. It is also
linked with increased sinus pressure and uncontrolled nosebleeds.

This past week, several friends told me that they had had nosebleeds so severe that it took more than 20 minutes to stop. During this latest snowstorm, I believe possibly there were more chemicals added to the already toxic brew that was dumped on us. Two friends called me and said that several hours later, after blood had coagulated in their nostrils,when they blew their noses, another nosebleed the ensued. This may also mean that fibrinogen, essentialfor blood-clotting, has been compromised by the constant assault of breathing these illegal poisons for so many years.
This is not a one-factor issue. Rather, the multiple layers of harmful Chemtrail poisons multiply to dangerous
levels that become life threatening. “No case data is available from the medical community on the long-term
effects of barium on the human body.”(4) We, as an entire population of millions/billions, are the guinea pigs
for heinous secret military bio-warfare agendas.
Other illnesses linked to chronic exposure to Chemtrails also include [This list is expanded from Note #4,
see below]:
1. Lung bleeds (in addition to nosebleeds), high rates of asthma [20-million Americans have it; and of those
6.8 million are children] and other pulmonary allergies. Lung cancer is at an all-time high with 196,252
cases reported in 2007 (the most recent CDC figures available).

2. Bronchitis, flu-like symptoms, and pneumonia (now at epidemic rates). These are not responding to the
usual antibiotics [perhaps in part because of overuse for minor medical illnesses and, also, because it may
not be the kind of pneumonia physicians are used to seeing]. “The EPA reports that sub-micron particles
bypass lung filters and enter the blood stream, triggering high blood pressure that can cause heart attack
within two hours of inhalation. Researchers document ‘a significant increase’ in the number of stroke victims
when PM [particulate matter] pollutant levels rise.”(5) Particulate matter air pollution is dangerous with those who have chronic lung diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [COPD, which includes bronchitis and emphysema].

3. Night sweats and/or unexplained fevers [not related to menopause symptoms].

4. Gastro-intestinal problems (for all ages, and this also includes pets. This may be linked to unexplained
chronic vomiting in cats and dogs that also is on the rise).

5. Skin: Extremely dry and cracked skin and lips (even during warm weather); sores that do not heal or
suddenly appear and disappear; fungal infections that do not heal or take a long time to do so; accelerated
aging of the skin (sometimes noticeable in a matter of weeks or months).

6. Hearing: an abrupt or sudden loss of hearing, sometime partial deafness, tinnitus, and dizziness often
reported just before or right after storms or new weather fronts, including heavy fog).

7. Eyes: blurry vision (this, too, can be related to a new, Chemtrail-laden weather front coming in), and an
increase in cataracts (even for the young).

8. Short-term memory loss (due to high rates of aerosol spraying of nano-particles of fiberglass-coated
aluminum, a known link with brain dysfunction) and mental confusion or “being in a fog” for young and old
alike, especially after heavy fog banks and mists filled with Chemtrail toxins.

9. Auto-immune disorders on the increase (Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme disease,
Rheumatoid Arthritis, LUPIS, thyroid disease).
A brand-new report in the current issue of the journal “Health Affairs”(6) indicates that more Americans are
heavily burdened and “experiencing multiple chronic conditionswith three or more chronic illnesses.”[see#9,above]

“Chronic disease accounts for three-fourths of the more than $2 trillion spent on health care yearly inthe United States.”(7) While there is this multiple medical burden increase, there is no mention in journalreports of the Chemtrails toxicity links. Again, a massive cover-up and the need “not to know” continues toput us a high risk.

Obviously, this is an extremely complex problem. We are now living in a world heavily polluted with more
than 100,000 chemicals, most of which have never been tested for human safety, as I have noted in my
book, “The Uterine Crisis.”(8) All of this, quite literally, bodes an extremely grave situation for all of us. Much
of these air-born toxins are filled with particulate matter that is highly injurious to our entire, already greatly
compromised, immune system. Particulate matter also can target our lungs and cause havoc from asthma

(now at record numbers) to cardio-pulmonary illnesses.(9)

Over the past eight years, we have witnessed the deliberate destruction of 30 years of environmental laws
by the Bush Administration. This has greatly eased and/or eliminated any corporate accountability and
responsibility but it comes at our expense. So, now we are living in a nation just barely- that has ignored or
destroyed basic Constitutional laws ratified, more than 200-years ago, in 1787. Now, we have a third stolen
election with support from a compliant and complicit Congress and Judiciary, with tremendous help from a
corporate-controlled mass media. This situation leaves the majority of American’s totally clueless as to what
has actually is happening in our now lost country.

While the rule of law in our country is gone, Marshall Law is now set in place for nefarious and illegal
reasons. Without our original Constitutional rules and environmental laws to guide us –many set in place for
our safety and to protect us- it is a crap shot for any reliable, good health. Our immune systems are now
under daily, toxic assault.
It is likely that medical journals will, in due course, report “unexplained” illnesses, including these serious
nosebleeds.(9) To date, however, there appears to be no interest or awareness of our on-going crisis.
On a clear morning, after a three-day snowstorm, the sun has finally come out. My Winter Garden is
completely covered with snow. The evergreens are draped in their white mantle. The blue jays, doves,
chickadees, and goldfinches are perched high up in the oak, sugar maple, and pine trees. Spots of their
blue, tan, and gold feathers stand out amidst the sparkling snow. Somewhere nearby, I hear a woodpecker
tapping away. It looks like a picture-perfect, idyllic winter scene.
However, these days in our US Orwellian world, scenes from our daily lives can be greatly deceiving.
It is the day before an illegal US inauguration, made even tragically more so because this is the first black
man in our history to supposedly “be elected” president. Although he may quote Dr. Martin Luther King on
this day of remembrance, he is unfit to carry Dr. King’s mantle forward.(10) Over the past few months many
lawsuits have been brought forth about his questionable status as a Constitutionally “natural born citizen.”
They have been dismissed –even by our Supreme Court, the highest court in the land. Checks and balances
are now gone. The Constitutional illegality of his assuming this role, means we have a third stolen election.
What does it mean when he takes an oath of office “to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the
United States”? Was it, perhaps, a guilty conscience, where the words of the Oath of Office were flubbed,
as noted in The New York Times?(11) So, now we have another governmental sham. Henceforth, all laws
that will be passed are, de facto, Constitutionally illegal. How many Americans know this, given that the
media no longer is independent of deliberate bias and corruption?
For a short time, the Chemtrail artificial clouds in this morning’s sky are nowhere to be seen. The blanket of
white fluff that I shoveled this morning, so the birds could have some seeds to eat, has an unmistakable
awful chemical smell. The air is no longer fresh and clean, as it used to be. Having tested my snow in 2007,
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I know that this smell comes from the poisons that invisibly cover my garden poisons that include barium,
aluminum, and other toxic micro-organisms. I am not the only one who has had snow or rain tested.

Reports are confirmed all over the US, as well as from Germany and Italy.(12) This no longer is the snow of
my childhood in which I played all bundled up in my snowsuit and woolen mittens, sledded, made
snowmen, and laughed with glee as I threw snowballs. This white “beauty” that surrounds my garden is a
complete illusion. My garden, and every other one where the snow has fallen around New England, is now a
poisoned blanket one that will eventually melt and then continue to poison the soil and ground water. It will
continue to poison all the mammals in my garden: the squirrels, mice, rabbits, deer, moose, the
hedgehogs, and even our neighborhood feral cats.
Within less than an hour, as I am writing this essay, the somewhat washed-out blue sky has been
supplanted by a blanket of grey sky. Not individual clouds of a grey winter morning, these are a cover of
Chemtrail poisons. Within less than two hours, from horizon to horizon, the sky is now a monochromatic,
pearly white. The snow is no longer safe. It will poison all those children who love to play in the snow. I
worry tremendously about the extreme dangers Chemtrail-laden snow poses to my innocent grandchildren.
Chemtrails are poisoning everything.
Extrapolating from the New England states blanketed with heavy snowfall or torrential rains in the southeast,
this means that we are completely covered in a poisonous brew of chemicals the exact composition of
which is only known secretly to the US military and their malevolent researchers. These poisons enter our
bodies, not just by breathing and the food we eat, but also though the untested heinous use of
For those who know of the importance of eating a safer organic foods, these are now compromised (even
with the now meaningless FDA organic seal), because they have been grown (or fed) in Chemtrail-laden soil
that has covered us for more than 10 years. The poisons are now throughout the entire food chain and a
complex, but rapidly deteriorating web of life.
Where is the entire organic community of farmers, companies, non-profit organizations, and millions of
Americans who spend more for food that is supposedly safer? Why are they not demanding a total
cessation of Chemtrail poisoning? The entire raison d’etre for this multi-billion dollar organics movement is to
have a SAFER FOOD SUPPLY! Where is any real food safety with toxic Chemtrail aerosols? The FDA
organic label no longer has any meaning when the soil and water are so heavily laden with Chemtrail
poisons. Do we get it? We are eating poisoned “organic” food? It is an oxymoron. Why isn’t this entire
ORGANICS community with its huge financial clout pressuring those in charge to have this insanity
Now this toxicity is in food chain. We humans are at the very top of this deadly food chain deliberately
poisoned by those in the military and other governmental agencies supposedly established to protect us.
This invisible scenario is wrecking total havoc for our entire web-of-life. As I have repeatedly written:
So now, when it snows we have, I believe, a growing epidemic of uncontrollable nosebleeds and other
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illnesses that are directly attributable to the toxicity of these illegal Chemtrail aerosols. They continue to
severely damage our now compromised “health,” while those in charge are still not held accountable for this
grave and deliberate damage! Dr. Joyce R. Young, ND, has told me on several occasions that: “Americans
are not sick enough yet. That’s why nothing is being done.”
As illnesses are rapidly increasing, the time is exceeding short for any remedies. Is that the elite’s plan?
What kind of healthy, productive lives can any of us REALISTICALLY HAVE, when we are being deliberately
poisoned every day? How will our children and grandchildren survive in this poisoned atmosphere? Millions
of them are already critically ill. Can we yet wake up, DEMAND a cessation of this on-going poisonous
nightmare, and gather together the urgently needed grassroots peaceful political will, while there are enough
citizens who still have some health remaining? Where is our collective moral outrage?

Educator and environmental writer Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri is the author of “The Uterine Crisis,” which
London’s “The Ecologist” notes is “a must read.”


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