Sample Chemtrail Courtesy Notice

Posted: April 20, 2013 in INDEPENDENT NEWS

Thank You soooo much for this…You should check out my page I have my own personal vids and pics posted about chemtrails and lots of other info

2012 The Awakening

Here’s important action we can all take without even leaving the house…flash mob them with Courtesy Notices!
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I received this in my email yesterday, thought I would share one individual’s efforts in Washington State against the spraying of Chemtrails.  We’ve been getting them very severely here in San Diego the past two weeks.  In June of 2011 after a very heavy chemtrail spraying I came down a lung clot that required 9 months of Coumadin therapy.  The doctors could find no source of the clots in my legs or abdomen which where they usually come from. -AK

Sample Chemtrail Courtesy Notice

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