Rare bird sighting in Hermiston, Or.

Posted: January 13, 2013 in INDEPENDENT NEWS

To OBRC Chair Harry Nehls:

My name is Tamra Poulin-Stolz and I would like to report a rare bird sighting!

4 Morning Doves 2 male 2 female
1 Pair are the parents of the younger male

I see them everyday. The male from the young pair sings outside my window every morning singing and in warmer weather he will even come out at night to follow me if I am outside. They are much more active and vocal in warm weather. In fact I thought something bad had happened to them when I did not hear the young males wake up call for almost 2 weeks.

The young pair live across the street from me in my neighbours chimney and I was told the old pair live in the big pine behind my house but I have never seen a nest. I have hundreds of photos of the young male. He is so funny. He acts like a little super model when he sees me get out the camera.

I will try to attach some pics.

Thank You for all you do to protect all the avian species. I am a bird lover. Both domesticated and wild. I appreciate your service.

With Gratitude,
Tamra Poulin-Stolz

  1. hsaive says:

    Great photos. We have those doves here in Gainesville, Fl right now eating out of a bird feeder.

    • dirtydux says:

      You could find out if they are rare this time of year and report any wild birds in your area. Helps to protect them in a round about way. In this day in age, they need all the help they can get. All birds are so susceptible to heavy metal poisoning.

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