Chem-trails in Hermiston, OR. Heavy metals at hazardous levels!!!!!!

Posted: November 30, 2012 in Atrocities, Geo-Engineering, Health and consumer warnings.

ANARCHY! Pic taken by my friend Molly in Umatilla, Or.

These are pictures I took myself when I started noticing that these chem-trails where not harmless and that they where spraying heavily at least 3 times a week. I for one, am getting real sick, literally, of the poisonous crap they are spraying on us. It makes me sick, my birds sick, my kid sick and my plants as well. I have been telling people about this for over a year and they all said I was crazy….Well here is the proof in pictures and I have links to back up my claims.

Nov.5th 2012  Eastern OregonNov 5th Hermiston Oregon

May 16, 2012Nov. 5th Hermiston, ORNovember 9, 2012Nov. 5th Hermiston, ORNovember 9, 2012Satellite-Chemtrails1-300x164May 16, 2012November 9, 2012Oct 1st Hermiston OrOOMVI_66745wow9 chemtrails in 1 hourLLLLIMG_9031


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