This man is Pissed Off Beyond Belief and I knew how he felt!

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Atrocities, Geo-Engineering
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Featured today is one of my favorite chem-trail warrior’s video’s. This man has reports of EPA monitoring. His info is verifiable. His video is fantastic. He tells of the health problems people in his area are having. One video shows an acrid yellow colored spray. He gets very emotional. I would really like to have the name of the web site in that video with the EPA monitoring. I hit the jackpot yesterday when my good friend Sandra found an Aviation site that tracks every plane in the world in live time. I wish I could find a site that had archives. I really need record of the 5th of November for the Pacific Northwest.

They are spraying everywhere. Not just in the cities. I live in a rural farm town with a population under 20’000 people. They spray on us at least 3x a week. I have my own video’s posted on my YouTube channel. My video’s are good quality as well. When I posted a video on October 1st, 2012, I got sick from this spray for the first time. I had not had a chest cold in over 2 years, so maybe I was due. I was sick for almost 3 weeks and coughing up blood. I did not start to recover until I detoxed for heavy metal poisoning. Thanks to my friend who reminded me to detox, DUH! Or maybe after 3 weeks the cold had run it’s course.

In the Oct. 1st video my 12 year old son comes outside and makes a comment about the smell in the air. “Burning Rotten Garlic” is how he describes it adding “Well that explains my migraine.” My son and I both suffer from frequent Migraine headaches. Barium, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, arsenic and god knows what else they are spraying. There are hundreds of investigative documentaries on the net about this atrocity. Tomorrow I am going to our local airport and I am going to start asking questions. I think I will call the newspaper too. I am sick of this, literally. Someone besides us crazy people has to do something.



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