On Facebook they are all arguing over which evil crook to vote for. This is my personal resolution to the maddening futility.

Posted: November 6, 2012 in Fight the power!, INDEPENDENT NEWS
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Make the pledge.

Make the pledge.

Ha Ha the mainstream news is a joke. We are all being lied to and robbed. I don’t believe a damn word out of any ones mouth that is in politics. One day they say one thing then they do another. THEY ALL DO IT. They are evil, lying crooks period. The lesser of 2 evil’s is still evil. Doesn’t matter who you vote for. They are gonna put whoever they want in office and like that matters. The president does not run the show. They are puppets on a string. Look at all the things Obama wanted to do. Did he get even half of that done? Nope. They put a stop to that. I can’t imagine what that feels like to realize that as the president you pretty much have to bend over for the federal reserve and Monsanto. Or that your job title may be president but in reality it is just a public relations position. Your a talking head for the television programming, blowing smoke up all the sheeples asses, as they get their nightly dose of brainwashing and mindless drivel. Am I going to vote for either one of these men?  Hell no. I have better things to worry about because today my husband and I counted over 30 jets in less than 4 hours, Geo engineering. Spraying me and my family with poison. I live in a town of under 20.000. The closest big airport is 4 hours away. WTF are 30 military and jumbo jets doing spraying acrid chemicals out their tail ends in thick streams in such a small town? IDK.  But I will tell you ladies one thing. I bet both these apathetic  pricks running for president have made a living by lying to us. They won’t have a thing to say about poisoning our children and you know they have no comment on Geo Engineering and Chem-trials.

Resistance is futile.


Really Really?????



Speak your mind. Exorcise your freedom of speech while you still can.

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