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Posted: October 2, 2012 in For the birds, Save the Animals
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My first bird was a cockatiel. A very weary male that has set his limits and stuck to them. If it weren’t for him I would have never know what my true passion in life was…it’s Conures! Strange I know but Pickles paved the way and broke us in easy. I can not stress enough that if you’re in the market do NOT buy a big bird. Start small and work your way up. For the love of God do NOT buy a cockatoo  or any macaws especially. It takes a special kind of person to raise them. And trust me if this is your first time…you are not that special. You should not get anything but a budgie, parakeet or cockatiel. I know conures are pretty but they are loud and can be very aggressive. So please do yourself and the bird a favor and go buy a dog.


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