I am a Bird by Tuesday Graham

Posted: September 30, 2012 in For the birds, Great Sites!, Save the Animals
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Very moving. I love this wordpress site. Deborah’s Feathered Angels. https://featheredangels.wordpress.com/

Feathered Angels

I am a bird who was dealt a bad hand. In this life I was bought by a family who then decided they no longer wanted me, so now I’m called a rescue. Yes some of us have missing beaks, missing toes, disabled, and even been abused, being hit or caged bound. We desire one thing and that is love.

There came a time in my life I wasn’t sure where I be next. Then one day I found my home, a home where I was excepted just the way I was, missing a beak, missing toes, or disabled, even being abused. this place is my last stop. As I learn again what love is, they think I’m pretty, they think I’m nice, they think I’m the best, even though I have my share of problems, for the place is what I now call home, a place with love, a…

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